Celia Pool
Co-Founder, DAME

Celia Pool is the Co-Founder at DAME, which makes sustainable period products with the belief that women and the planet deserve better.

DAME started by creating the award winning, world’s first reusable tampon applicator to combat the massive plastic waste in this sector. They’ve now built out the range, with further innovative products such as our reusable period pads, allowing for a softer, thinner, drier, greener period. Celia has run the company for seven years and is extremely passionate about breaking the period stigma. She wants to use DAME to help campaign for better education about periods aimed at both boys and girls. DAME employs women that are part of a women’s empowerment charity in Jaipur, India, and inmates via a charity called Fine Cell Work, a majority of the employed being from UK prisons.

Celia is also the winner of Dezeen Design, Veuve Clicquot Bold Women and Women in Innovation awards.