Jeremiah Thoronka
Founder & CEO, Optim Energy

Jeremiah is a leading youth renewable energy Entrepreneur, environment enthusiast, and scholar with proven years of expertise in creating and researching new energy technologies, policies, and programs. Optim Energy has grown into a large initiative aiming to build a sustainable energy sector in Sierra Leone, diminish greenhouse gas emissions, and educate citizens about energy efficiency. 

As an author, he has authored articles on platforms such as Renewables in Africa, ALU Journal of Global Focus, and Business Today. He has written extensively on youth involvement in development, climate change, Policy, entrepreneurship, and renewable energy development.

Jeremiah has been recognised for his role in making energy accessible in his local community, he was awarded the 2021 Commonwealth Youth Excellence Award for Development -Africa, awarded the Global Teen Leader Award, serves as Theirworld Ambassador, was a United Nations Academic Impact and Millennium Fellow, nominated for the Global Student Prize, the African Genius Prize, and a Student Energy Fellow. Jeremiah is on a mission to rewrite the African energy access narrative by providing access to clean, affordable energy and educating consumers on energy efficiency and the impact of their consumption behavior and patterns on the environment.