Jerrica Kirkley
Co-Founder & CMO, Plume

Jerrica Kirkley is the Co-Founder and Chief Medical Officer at Plume, an innovative company that provides gender-affirming hormone therapy via telehealth for the trans-community across the United States.

As a trans woman, Dr. Kirkley has been a patient as well and experienced many of these pain points personally. So, it was a combination of being a practitioner of gender-affirming care for almost 10 years and a patient in a system that does not adequately support trans people that drove her to start her own company outside of the legacy system. Their experienced healthcare providers understand the unique needs of the trans community.

Plume is the first health technology company fully dedicated to the trans community. 80% of Plume’s employees are transgender, making their services run, organised and delivered by people who share the same life experience as the people they’re serving.