A Lifetime of Entrepreneurship – with Neil Barnfather MBE, VP, UK and Ireland, GoodMaps.

Continuing our look at disability and entrepreneurship, Untapped co-founder, Anna Parisi, spoke to Neil Barnfather, one of the UK’s most prolific entrepreneurs, to discuss resilience, challenging conventions and creating 19 successful businesses. Neil has enjoyed success in various sectors, from e-commerce to fintech. Today, he is VP, UK and Ireland, for GoodMaps, the company revolutionising how visually impaired people navigate indoor environments.

Fried chicken and fair chances – how this company provides meaningful work to people with difficult pasts

As part of our Reimagining Justice channel, we're profiling justice champions, shining a spotlight on the organisations and leaders working to build a more fair and equal society. Joe Deloss is the Founder of Hot Chicken Takeover, a restaurant chain with the mission to provide supportive employment to men and women who need a fair chance at work, helping them to overcome circumstances such as previous incarceration, homelessness and addiction. In this article, Joe shares the wide-ranging benefits of employing fair chance hiring practices, both as a business and a community.

Furthering the UN Global Goals: how Paralympians are striving for more than medals

This month sees the start of the Paralympic Games, and we will explore the transferable skills between sport, employment and entrepreneurship, as well as highlight athletes who have set up businesses to tackle food poverty, mental health, childhood development and the disability employment gap. This is a collaboration with two of our Knowledge Partners, Untapped and thinkBeyond. In this article, Anna Parisi, Co-Founder, Untapped, shines a light on Paralympians who are focusing on social impact projects outside of their lives as athletes.

How can business support charities and NGOs’ vital work during and post COVID-19?

23rd April 2020, 4.30pm-5.30pm GMT. Charities, globally, are at the forefront of supporting the vulnerable. Now more than ever their work is critical and the needs are increasing every day. With charities heavily reliant on public and private sector funding, their survival and continued impact is at risk. How can businesses, small and large, help them continue their work during and post-crisis?

Interview with Dr. Hoang-Yen T.Vo, Founder and Director of Disability Research and Capacity Development, Vietnam

The Disability Research and Capacity Development (DRD), is a non-profit organisation set up in 2005 to advocate for the rights and the quality of life for people with disabilities in Vietnam. We spoke with Dr. Hoang-Yen T.Vo, DRD founder to find out more about their work across Vietnam to promote inclusive employment opportunities for people with disabilities.

Introducing Accelerate – Working Together for Disability Inclusion

Meaningful Business and Untapped are excited to present Accelerate - a content stream dedicated to disability inclusion, with topics around employment, entrepreneurship and innovation. In this launch article, Anna Parisi and Suzy Christopher, co-founders of Untapped, articulate why true inclusion is a huge opportunity for businesses and what we hope to achieve with this partnership.