Melis Buyuksan
Founder & MD, Medlis Ramps

Melis Büyüksan is a Turkish female entrepreneur as the Founder and Managing Director of Medlis Ramps, the first wheelchair ramps manufacturer in Turkey.

After establishing her company while she was a university student in order to create social impact and awareness about accessibility in Turkey, she became a leading manufacturer and exporter company to provide wheelchair-accessible environment and awareness all over the world. Disability comes in many different forms and is progressing all over the world. While some disabilities are temporary, others, on the other hand, affect the everyday actions of people in the long term. 1 billion world citizens are longing for one thing: a more accessible world. These gaps are due to barriers to accessing health, education, transportation, information and work services – which many of us are taking for granted.

For all these reasons, Melis focused on ‘economically affordable and practical solutions for wheelchair users’. It needs to be affordable and easy to use to instead of complicated and high level products to reach much more area in daily life. She aims to reach wheelchair users’ environment in developing countries. Now Medlis Ramps reach the daily accessible lives of millions of wheelchair users in 22 countries.

She was awarded the ‘Promising Female Entrepreneur’ in Turkey and Scale Up Competition Social Category Winner in UK and invited to BBVA Momentum Programme in Spain.