Natasha Müller
Founder & CEO, NM Impact

Natasha is a Next Gen impact investor, philanthropist and mental health activist. She is a convener to the core and is passionate about leveraging her deep network to build and support a global ecosystem of local change-makers that, together, create sustainable solutions to the world’s most pressing problems. It is with this in mind that she founded NM Impact Ltd: An independent investment and convening vehicle that aims to inspire, motivate and connect like-minded Next Gens and to catalyse increased capital flows, both philanthropic and through impactful investments, to social enterprises and sustainable businesses.

Natasha actively campaigns on mental health issues; has worked on policy initiatives; helped fundraise and create philanthropic solutions and is a trustee for United for Global Mental Health and Philanthropy Impact. She also occupies seats on various advisory committees and boards including Philanthropy Impact; the Center for Sustainable Finance and Private Wealth (CSP) at the University of Zurich, the Empower initiative with Harvard Medical School, and is a founding member of The Conduit social impact membership club.