Neil Barnfather
VP, Europe, GoodMaps

Neil has over twenty years of experience in directorial positions and eight years as an International Business Ambassador for the British Chambers of Commerce.

Currently, Neil carries out various consultancy activities, covering a broad range of sectors, including; FinTech, BioTech/Pharma, artificial intelligence and machine learning, connected autonomous vehicles, and customer journey/experience transformations. Neil has also been involved in a variety of remote working and disaster recovery projects for a range of organisations, and provided consultancy for various M&A activities.

Previously, Neil was CEO of eHosting, a web hosting firm established in 1998 that now powers some 140,000 businesses worldwide. As CEO, Neil conducted international negotiations, managed multi-layered teams, operated multi-tiered budgets, and developed long-term strategy and forecasts for future growth while maintaining day-to-day control of business activities.

He was also the Founder and Director of TalkNav, a philanthropic venture established to deliver products and services effectively to the low vision community. The company works closely with a range of adaptive and access-related technology firms to provide a broad range of products and training tools to its users.