Nam Ngo Thanh
Principal, Inspire Schools

Nam Ngo Thanh is an educator and teacher in Vietnam. He is a former Master Trainer with the Nguyen Hoang Group, a world-class international education service provider which has successfully established a range of national and international schools, universities, and partner companies across Vietnam. He actively uses technology in his teaching and is the author of multiple articles on this topic, as well as being recognised as an Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert and Skype Master Teacher. Nam is also a PenPal Schools Global Ambassador, which celebrates and connects inspiring teachers from around the world. Nam is the Principal at Inspire Schools, which apply a liberal education model to contribute to fully awakening the potential of students to achieve practical personal achievements. Their curriculum is designed with global science, in which students not only learn pure knowledge but also learn how to “learn, think, how to live” to become a global citizens who adapt to the diversity of life.