Ryan Gersava
Founder & President, Virtualahan

Ryan Gersava is a millennial social entrepreneur, educator, and diversity and inclusion champion. He is the Founder and President of Virtualahan, an impact driven company that breaks down employment barriers for Persons with Disabilities and other excluded communities using the equalising power of technology. Virtualahan was established in 2015 and ensures that the most excluded populations of society are given equal opportunities for high-level work in the new digital economy using an impact formula that integrates well-being sessions and community-building with digital job skills training.

Ryan’s mission is to build the future of work where no one is left behind by transforming the labour system for disadvantaged people to thrive. Specifically, he aims to transform employment rate of Persons with Disability from the current 80% unemployment rate of working and qualified PWD talents to 80% employment rate by 2030. He is also an Ashoka Fellow, an honoree for Forbes 30 under 30 Asia for Social Impact and was the first Filipino to be awarded with Inspired Leadership Award previously given to Melinda Gates and Sir Richard Branson.