Alexander McCobin
CEO, Conscious Capitalism

Alexander McCobin is the CEO of Conscious Capitalism, committed to supporting a global community of business leaders in a collective mission to elevate humanity through business. Alexander promotes a different way of thinking about capitalism for which conscious businesses act upon the interests of all stakeholders and care about the impact they have on the world. Coordinating innovative learning exchanges, storytelling training and conferences, Conscious Capitalism equips mid-market executives with the tools needed to demonstrate a purpose beyond profit.

In his youth, Alexander’s entrepreneurial drive led him to start and run several businesses, both for profit and nonprofit. During college, though, he didn’t see business as a way to change the world – he thought the way to do that was through academia. So, he began a PhD program in Philosophy at Georgetown University. As he began to work on a dissertation regarding corporate moral responsibility, he attended the first Conscious Capitalism Annual Conference in 2013, where he was inspired by business leaders dedicated to changing the world. Within a year, he left Georgetown without the PhD and dedicated himself to running one of the businesses he had started during undergrad. Before he joined CCI’s staff, he turned that organisation into a multimillion dollar operation.