Edwin Tan
Co-Founder, Evoware

Edwin is the Co-Founder of Evoware, aiming to create a world without plastic waste by providing and innovating solutions for single-use plastics and creating collaborative global plastic awareness movement through the Rethink Plastic campaign. He has more than 18 years of depth experience in the fields of coaching, social impact business idea and execution, investment, financial management, accounting and operational improvement.

He is also an advisor at Instellar Impact Advisory, an impact advisory that helps to accelerate the growth of social impact business in Indonesia, and Gandengtangan, a P2P lending platform that connects unbanked micro-enterprises with lenders who want to make a social impact.

He has a very strong interest in the wellness and mental health sector. He believes sustainability and wellness go together to create a better quality of life. He is a certified and experienced mindfulness life coach, sharing how to be happier and more mindful in work and business to many professionals and entrepreneurs.