Margaret Osborne
Advisor to Dr. Ahmed Al Meraikhi,
Special Adviser to the UN Secretary-General

Margaret is a Chicago native who approaches life, work and education from a truly global perspective. After receiving her undergraduate degree in Rome, Italy, she returned to Chicago to pursue her law degree and embark on her international legal career. In her current role, she uses her humanitarian substantive knowledge to support the mandate of Dr. Ahmed Al-Meraikhi the Special Advisor to the UN Secretary-General.

Following work at a human rights institute in Sicily and a fellowship in Germany she pursued a specialised post-graduate degree in international human rights law at Oxford University. To further her specialised knowledge, she then began a doctorate in law in Northern Ireland. Throughout her educational pursuits, she undertook consulting positions to ensure that her academic pursuits were grounded in the practical realities of the field. 

Thus, Margaret spends much of her time bridging interdisciplinary gaps within the substantive fields of international relations, law and politics as well as between practitioners and academics in those fields. For several years, Margaret served as the Editor of Accountability for the American Society of International Law seeking to tighten the gap between theory and practice.  

At present, Margaret resides in Doha, Qatar and continues to work globally.