Taking the Lead on Mental Wellbeing

Thursday 29th October, 1pm – 2.45 pm GMT

In Partnership with Z Zurich Foundation


Whilst the pandemic has not impacted everyone equally, the one unifying feature of this virus is the uncertainty it has created. Whether the concern is around health, employment, the economy, relationships or the future, the anxiety and lack of control can be crippling and a major trigger for poor mental health.


Through this event, we will share stories of hope from around the world: leaders sharing their personal journey of tackling mental health issues, businesses prioritising the mental health of their employees and innovative start-ups providing accessible, affordable services to people that need them.


Join us and our group of expert speakers for the sessions below:




1-1.15pm: In conversation with Elisha London

A summary of the growing mental health challenge we face, the steps being taken to address it, and how business leaders can join the fight.

1.15-2pm: Moving from words to action on employee mental health

As remote working becomes more prevalent, and uncertainty amongst employees is heightened, this panel will consider how leaders can help combat social isolation and create an environment where discussing mental health is normalised.

2-2.45pm: Living stories of leaders coping with uncertainty:

We will hear how leaders are managing their own mental health in the face of growing uncertainty. They will talk about their personal journeys in dealing with specific issues, along with the steps they have taken to overcome them and build resilience.



Azran Osman-Rani
Co-Founder & CEO, Naluri
mindWorks-ttlomh, Speakers
Founder and CEO, United for Global Mental Health
JUDGES 2019, JUDGES 2020, mindWorks-ttlomh, mission-possible-event
Co-Founder, Minds@Work and former Global VP, Unilever
Founder & CEO, Wysa
Global Head of Sustainability, Adecco Group
JUDGES 2020, mindWorks-ttlomh, mission-possible-event
Founder & CEO, Global Citizen Capital
mindWorks-ttlomh, mission-possible-event, Speakers
Impact Investor, ex-Apple, Disney, Ceviche
Global Head of Employee Experience, Diversity and Wellbeing, Zürich Insurance
mindWorks-ttlomh, mission-possible-event, Speakers
Mental Health Consultant, Psychotherapist, Executive Coach, Podcast Host
mindWorks-ttlomh, Speakers
CEO, Mindful Revolution


Z Zurich Foundation (ZZF) is looking at improving mental wellbeing and co-creating a movement. It is helping break down the social stigma around mental health, so that more people who are suffering will feel able to speak out about it.  With Tackle Your Feelings – an awareness program run with people who have played sports, struggled with a mental health issue, or both – ZZF is giving individuals the tools and motivation to take care of themselves.  Having seen the positive reaction from the sports community, it is now applying these same methods in workplaces and schools, with an aim to help people take control of their wellbeing.



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