How the CEO of Action Against Hunger India manages her mental health

Snigdha Sahal, Executive Director and CEO of Action Against Hunger India, shares her personal story of leadership through a global crisis, and what has helped her find balance amidst the turbulance.

As Executive Director and CEO of Action Against Hunger India, an organisation serving some of the most vulnerable communities across the country, the pandemic has exacerbated and magnified the pressures of Snigdha Sahal’s role.


In this interview with Tom Lytton-Dickie, Founder and CEO of Meaningful Business, she discusses how she has been affected as an individual and as a leader, the ways in which she has coped, and the importance of speaking openly about mental health.




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ou can now watch the MindMatters digital event, discussing how to prioritise the mental wellbeing of you and your teams, in partnership with Z Zurich Foundation, here

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