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How Businesses Can Shape the Future of Recycling
Tom Szaky, CEO and Founder of TerraCycle and Loop, is on a mission to eliminate the very idea of waste. Here he proposes that while consumer preferences determine demand, businesses and industry must create access to recycling programmes and steward redesign to drive change. This article is part of our 'Regenerate' channel, in partnership with 2N management.
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Justice Champion Spotlight: Jeff Baldassari, CEO, U.S. Rubber Recycling
As part of our Reimagining Justice channel, in partnership with Responsible Business Initiative for Justice (RBIJ), we're profiling justice champions, shining a spotlight on the organisations and leaders working to build a more fair and equal society. This month's Justice Champion Spotlight is on the CEO of U.S. Rubber Recycling, Jeff Baldassari. Interviewed here by RBIJ CEO, Celia Ouelette, he discusses his Bounce Back! programme, creating meaningful opportunities, and second chances, for formerly incarcerated people.
David Katz
David Katz

David is the Founder and CEO of Plastic Bank, a social enterprise helping the world stop ocean plastic while improving…

Tom Szaky
Tom Szaky

Tom Szaky is Founder and CEO of TerraCycle, a global leader in the collection and repurposing of complex waste streams….

Antonella Romero
Antonella Romero

Antonella Romero is a young entrepreneur with extensive experience as advisor for Peru’s Ministry of Production . One day, she…

Johnmary Kavuma
Johnmary Kavuma

Johnmary Kavuma is a young environmentalist from Uganda. He is deeply passionate about changing people’s lives and saving the environment….

Jean Moreau
Jean Moreau

Jean Moreau is the Co-Founder of Phenix, a socially conscious company providing citizens and companies with easy ways to take…

Abdulrhman El Halafawy
Abdulrhman Elhalafawy

Abdulrhman is the Chief Business Officer of Cupmena, an Agri-tech and Waste Management startup based in Egypt. Cupmena has created…

Chad Robertson
Chad Robertson

Chad Robertson is a social entrepreneur from Cape Town and currently the Co-Founder and CEO of Regenize, a recycling solution…

Chioma Ukonu
Chioma Ukonu

Chioma Ukonu is an award-winning social entrepreneur and social development professional with over a decade of hands-on experience and international…

Michael Maggio
Michael Maggio

Michael Maggio is the Founder and President at iWrc (Inclusive Waste Recycling Consortium), a digitally enabled collaborative platform that builds…

Raffi Schieir_Prevented Ocean Plastic
Raffi Schieir

Originally from Canada, Raffi moved to the UK in 2011, taking a hands-on approach to understanding the problems and solutions…

Sean Molloy
Sean Molloy

Sean Molloy is a Co-Founder of Avertana, and was its CEO until 2020 before taking the post of Founding Director….

Obi Charles Nnanna

Obi is the Founder and CEO of Kaltani, a recycling company positioned to solve the growing plastic waste and unemployment…

Edwin Tan

Edwin is the Co-Founder of Evoware, aiming to create a world without plastic waste by providing and innovating solutions for…

Luna Yu_Genecis
Luna Yu

Luna is the CEO of Genecis Bioindustries. She completed her Bachelors and Masters in Environmental Science at the age of…

Adeleye Odebunmi_Pakam Technology
Adeleye Odebunmi

Adeleye Odebunmi is the CEO of Pakam Technology, a platform as a service (PaaS) company that utilises software applications and…

Amaia Rodriguez_Gravity Wave
Amaia Rodriguez

Amaia Rodríguez is a social and sustainability-focused entrepreneur with a background in International Business Administration. She began her career in…

Andrew Bownds_Eco Brixs
Andrew Bownds

Plastic is a very visual problem in Uganda being burnt on roadsides and dumped in waterways. Passionate about creating green…

Divya Hegde_Baeru Environmental Services
Divya Hegde

Divya is Founder of Baeru, an initiative working to make India’s coastal communities active participants in climate action through the…

Funto Boroffice_Chanja Datti
Olufunto Boroffice

Funto Boroffice is the Founder & CEO of award-winning Chanja Datti, a waste collection and recycling social enterprise dedicated to…

Stuart Fleming_Enviroserve UAE
Stuart Fleming

Stuart Fleming is the Founding Partner of Enviroserve Group of Companies. Stuart has been instrumental in creating change in the…

Ankit Agarwal

Ankit Agarwal is the Founder & CEO of, a social enterprise that has pioneered the ‘flowercycling®’ technologies to reduce…

Ajinkya Dhariya_PadCare Labs
Ajinkya Dhariya

Ajinkya Dhariya is Founder & CEO at PadCare Labs. After graduating as a mechanical engineer, he started PadCare Labs in…

Boluwatife Arewa_Scrapays
Boluwatife Arewa

Boluwatife Arewa is Co-Founder at Scrapays, a cleantech disruptor empowering recycling value chains in emerging economies. A versatile leader skilled…